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This article is for cPanel Accounts. Determine where your account is with this guide.
To view support ticket that you have submitted please log in to and select the "Support" icon from the Account toolbar.

This will only show tickets that are correctly tied to your Client ID in the WestHost system. If you submitted a ticket with a different e-mail address than your contact account, it may not correctly show up in this location, but you can always contact Support and reference it by the ticket number to get a status update.

To respond to a ticket scroll to the bottom of the screen, type your response into the "Ticket Reply" box, and then click the "Submit Reply" button.
Some browsers like Internet Explorer occasionally have trouble with this interface. If your browser does not display this area correctly, you can also just reply to the ticket from your e-mail account. Do not modify the subject line of your e-mail to ensure proper ticket response delivery.

If you select the "Close Ticket" button this marks the ticket as closed in our system and Tech Support will no longer see the ticket in our queue. To successfully close out of the ticket, just select the "x" icon in the upper right of the "View Ticket ###" window in your browser.