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A domain name is the first impression many people get about your business and its online presence. Also known as a web address, a domain name can identify your brand, your industry and your location. As such, choosing the right domain name is critically important to the success of any online enterprise. However, being able to choose a domain name requires a basic understanding of how web addresses are structured.

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Save up to 53%

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Save up to 51%

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Quick domain registration

Quick Domain Registration

Get online in a flash

Your domain name tells the world who you are and what you're about. It is also the first step in your online journey. There is a whole world of domains to choose from. Select a typical .com or .org, or perhaps a shiny new gTLDs like .guru or .online! Keep it short, sweet, and memorable, and you're on your way.

Easy domain search

Easy Domain Search

Find the perfect domain

Westhost's search tool makes domain search simple. Just type in your domain name of choice and see what’s available. Now comes the fun part! Choose the domain that best fits your online goals. If you don’t see the domain you were searching for, consider an alternate web address ending like .site or .org. Register multiple domain extensions at the same time with our bulk registration tool.

Cheap domain names

Cheap Domain Names

More options, huge selection

As domain experts, we register thousands of web addresses each year. We are happy to help you get started. Simply find a domain you want and select your preferred registration period. The longer your domain registration period, the more you save! Westhost.com has the domains you need at prices that easily meet your budget.

All You Need to Know About Domain Names

A web address has four components:

  1. The HTTPS prefix. Older websites tended to have a HTTP prefix, but HTTPS indicates the site is secure. Any customer data shared with the site (such as card details) will be encrypted before it’s sent, to prevent this sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. At Westhost, every domain name comes with HTTPS security as standard.
  2. Websites are viewed and accessed across the World Wide Web, which accounts for the second part of any domain name. The Web was invented by British computer scientist Sir Tim Berners‐Lee in 1991, and it provides a standardized method of communication for web browsers and data servers around the world.
  3. Your chosen website name will form the third part of the domain name. It should ideally relate to your company’s name, your chosen industry or your location. Our handy domain name checker tool at the top of this page will tell you whether your preferred domain name is still available, or whether it’s been registered.
  4. The top-level domain. This is the last part of a web address, and there are over 1,500 TLDs in existence. A .us TLD shows you’re based in the States, while .boston and .miami do the same for these cities. You can also choose from popular TLDs like .online, .store, .org and .co.

Once you’ve registered a domain name online, you can publish almost anything you want at that address. You can create multiple sub‐pages, or link to other websites in a process known as link building. You can publish a blog, create an eCommerce site to sell goods and services, upload media content like videos, or anything else you want to use your new online presence for.

Web Page

Each domain registration comes with a free one-page website. Simply point your domain name to the site and you’re ready to go!

5x Free Email

Don't waste time swapping email addresses. Manage all of your email accounts in one place with free email forwarding.

Free Full
DNS Control

Manage your Westhost.com services in one easy location. Your new domain name comes with full access to our expert control panel.


With over 22 years of experience in domain name management and online services, we know a thing or two about the industry.


What is a domain name?

A domain name is the web address used to find your website on the internet. Much like your company’s street address and zip is used to find your office, a domain name points your customers to your website. Ours is www.westhost.com – what would your perfect domain name be?

What can I do with a domain name?

Domain names are the gateway to your online presence. You need a domain for your new website, blog, or online portfolio. Building a website with your domain name couldn’t be easier. And with a domain-based email account, your site visitors will find it easy to stay in touch!

Why do I need an email account with my domain name?

When you register domain names with Westhost, you can add emails to your account, each personalised to match your domain name. For example, you@yourdomainname.com. Build brand reputation and authority, and instantly give your business email a personalised and established touch. To get started, see our Email Hosting plans starting from $0.50 / month.

What domain name should I register?

Your domain name should be short, sharp, and memorable. Ideally, it should show customers your brand and exactly what you do. Try and include your business name in your domain name to ensure it’s easily remembered by your site visitors.

How can I register a domain name with Westhost?

Registering your chosen domain couldn’t be easier. Simply enter your domain name in the search bar and click “Search domains”. We’ll let you know in seconds if your desired domain name is available and how much the registration will cost you. If it’s not available, we will help you find suitable domains.

What is a subdomain?

A subdomain is an extension of your domain name. While your primary domain (top-level domain) will be the most important and the most memorable, you can also create other web addresses to branch off from your main domain, called subdomains. Learn more here.

Can I register more than one domain at a time?

Securing multiple domains is simple with Westhost.com. Our bulk domain search lets you stock up on domains in half the time. Our Sales team is on hand to make sure your experience of buying in bulk goes smoothly. Simply use our handy search tool to find your bulk domains or get in touch with our sales team who are happy to help. See more information on our Bulk Domain Registration page.

What is a new top-level domain?

In the Internet’s early years, there were only a handful of top-level domains ‐ .com, .org, .net and suchlike. However, since 1998, new top-level domains have been released each year by an organization called ICANN, which regulates the sale of domain names. Today there are over 1,500 TLDs on the market, some of which have only recently been launched. Any top-level domain will allow you to host a website and publish content in the same way.

Can I move my domain name to Westhost.com?

Transferring your domain name to Westhost is simple, and we can walk you through every step of the way. It’s much easier to have all your services in one place, and with Westhost you can manage everything from your domain to your dedicated server using our state-of-the-art control panel. Learn more here.

How many TLDs does Westhost sell?

Some TLDs have built up negative associations since their launch, having been acquired in bulk by spammers, or being filled with low‐quality hyperlinks rather than used for conventional purposes. Web browsers may approach sites with low‐quality TLDs suspiciously, so Westhost only sells reputable domains with a solid track record of use among legitimate businesses. We sell classic options (.com, .net), industry specific TLDs (.site, .photography) and multipurpose domains (.biz, .guru).

Should I reserve multiple TLDs?

Some companies like to register the same domain name with several different TLDs. They build their online presence at one of these addresses, while the other sites automatically redirect to the primary one. There are several advantages to this, not least the fact other companies can’t claim a web address that’s similar to yours, and customers won’t end up on another site if they assume your address actually ends a similar TLD to an unrelated or competitor platform. It might also be helpful to reserve multiple TLDs if you’re planning to trade in several countries as each nation has its own country code TLD, or ccTLD.

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By signing up you are agreeing to receive marketing communications from THG Hosting brands for the latest news, blogs, surveys, event invitations and webinars. You can change your mind at any time. Click here to view our Privacy Policy.