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Personal Hosting

Economy plan for a single website. Perfect for getting started.


For 12 months then $8.00 /month

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1 Website

50GB Disk Space

1000GB Bandwidth

1 Database


Free Setup

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Preferred Hosting

Our most popular plan for larger or multiple websites so you don't need to worry about resources.


For 12 months then $13.00 /month

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200GB Disk Space

2500GB Bandwidth



Free Setup

1 Free Domain

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Business Hosting

Built for complex websites where performance and ultimate uptime are top priority.


For 12 months then $16.00 /month

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Free Setup

1 Free Domain

1 Free Dedicated IP

Free SSL certificate

Web Hosting with Westhost.com

There are 1.75 billion websites in existence today, and every single one requires web hosting. Web hosting is the process of storing a website’s component parts – its page structure and subpages, photos and text, ecommerce platforms and payment gateways – on a data server. Whenever anyone enters the web address into their browser, the browser will request the relevant information, and the server will provide it.

High quality web hosting makes this information available almost instantly, at any time of day or night. Effective web hosting partners can send data to numerous web browsers at the same time, keeping your site online even if it suddenly experiences a big increase in traffic. Market‐leading web hosting companies like Westhost are constantly backing up webpage content in multiple locations, so it can’t be lost or corrupted. We have data centers around the world, reducing the amount of time it takes to deliver webpage content from server to screen on each continent. These centers are guarded with high levels of security, to prevent your data being compromised by viruses or hackers.

Global Network

Create instant connectivity anywhere in the world.

Westhost is the premier choice for fast web hosting at unbeatable prices. Our web hosting packages are supported by a foundational network of data centers spanning the globe. Worldwide connectivity from Westhost creates comprehensive, unlimited hosting, that quickly reaches each corner of the globe. Your website traffic won’t wait for your content, so give the people what they demand faster than the competition.

Control Panel

Everything you need to find success online with a single login.

Manage all your hosting products in one easy control panel. Westhost makes hosting tasks like renewing domains, managing websites, installing WordPress, and adding SSL Certificates simple. Quickly log into your CHI account to access all of your Westhost hosting tools and services. Build your digital empire from a single dashboard with no hassle and no stress.

SSL Certificates

Establish authority, security, and a better business reputation.

Show your website traffic that you take their data security seriously. An SSL Certificate from Westhost encrypts data sent to and from your website to ensure that payment information is not intercepted by cyber cr. Increase SEO value and build trust in your brand with an https:// connection and green locked security seal in your URL bar. If it’s SSL protected, then you know your data is secure.

Free Domain Name

All Westhost web hosting packages include a free domain name registration, the first step in building your online identity.

Expert Support

Our expert technical support staff is available at your fingertips to answer questions.

Lightning Fast

Westhost web hosting packages include one-click installations of your favourite software like WordPress, cPanel, and more.


What is web hosting?

Website hosting is the service that will get your website online. Without web hosting services, your site is just a collection of files that can't be accessed by anyone! When you buy web hosting, you are provided with an allocated space on a server - which is a computer - to store all the files needed to run your website. The server will send those files through the internet to any website visitors wishing to access your site. For more information on our UK web hosting and global network, click here.

Is cheap web hosting enough to power my site?

Westhost’s affordable web hosting services are tailor‐made for small businesses, but other web hosting companies might be more focused on profit (for them) than on performance (for you). If your site’s traffic levels are increasing, you may find these companies have resource limitations that restrict your website's growth, causing content to load slowly. Since search engines downgrade websites which take more than a couple of seconds to display, it’s worth switching to a company that can put your content in front of your customers instantly. Have a chat with our support team to discuss how Westhost’s affordable web hosting services can keep your site in the fast lane of the information superhighway.

How does web hosting work?

Web hosting companies like Westhost store your website's data on a server in a data warehouse, and transfer it to anyone visiting your website. Without reliable web hosting services, your site can’t be viewed. It's important that your website hosting partner keeps your site online as much of the time as possible – at Westhost, we have a service level agreement to keep your website live for 99.995 per cent of the time.

If I already have a website, can I transfer it to your web hosting?

Absolutely! You can upload your web files via file transfer protocol (FTP) or directly from within your Westhost control panel. We can help you every step of the way, with support available to you 24/7/365.

Is Westhost web hosting good value for money?

Perhaps you want to explore what it means to have your own website but are working to a limited budget. Westhost’s Affordable Web Hosting package is the answer. Our cheap web hosting services allow you to get your business online on a budget, starting at an incredible $1.99 per month. Cheap hosting plans are made for customers who are building their online presence and only require a limited amount of resources - why pay more for something you don’t need? Our Personal Hosting package may be cheap, yet it still provides quality.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is when multiple websites are hosted on the same server. It’s an affordable option because you’re splitting the purchase and maintenance costs of this hardware with other clients. The server will have plenty of bandwidth to distribute information for multiple clients at the same time, and content should be piped to site visitors almost instantly. If your business grows considerably, we can talk to you about more flexible options like dedicated hosting through our sister brands.