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Westhost is your one‐stop solution for website and email hosting, site building and domain management.


23 years of experience providing services to America’s finest startups and businesses.


24‐hour support dedicated to helping you find the answers you need, day or night.


A complete one‐stop‐shop with all the tools and services you need to get your idea online.


Westhost is industry‐leading in redundancy and uptime availability with a 99.995% SLA.

Find Your Domain


Find the perfect domain for your website.

Your domain name is also referred to as your website address, and it’s the centerpiece of your online presence. A good domain name will identify your brand, but it can also say much more. You can choose domain names which are relevant to your industry or location, while top level domains (TLDs) can do the same. We offer a wide selection of TLDs, from classic .com to .guru and .blog, allowing you to make your website completely personal and customized.

A well‐chosen domain name is crucial for turning a business into an established online force, and you can register a web domain on the Westhost website in seconds. Simply enter the name you want into the “Search for your perfect domain” box at the top of this page, and then browse our selection of top‐level domains. Once an available domain has been registered, you can begin building your online presence for the world to see...

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Budget Friendly Webhosting

Web hosting

Budget‐friendly, accessible hosting in a click.

Web hosting is the process of storing webpage data and content ready for client browsers and devices to access it on‐demand. It’s something Westhost has become rather good at over the last 23 years. We can store website content and deliver it to numerous client devices at the same time, maintaining the rapid page loading times which are so important for search engine optimization (SEO). Speaking of which, we provide a detailed SEO guide to everyone who registers a website with us. This free guide is just one of the many benefits you’ll receive as a Westhost customer.

With a 99.995% service level agreement in place, Westhost’s dependable web hosting ought to suit every website. Our Essential, Personal, Professional, and Premium hosting packages each include free domain names (1-year+ terms only), unmetered bandwidth and website space, and 10GB of email storage. From simple website hosting to affordable dedicated servers, these services grow with you as your hosting needs increase. And all the while, you can be assured that you’re fully supported by our experienced technical support staff.

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Professional Email Hosting

Email Hosting

Professional email addresses to match your domain.

Whenever you receive an email from a reputable company, their email address should match their web domain. This is far more professional than using a generic email provider like Gmail or Hotmail. It adds credibility and authority to your communications, reinforcing your brand’s reputation and letting people know they’ve received a legitimate enquiry.

Westhost’s professional email hosting allows you to effortlessly synchronize your inboxes across multiple devices, checking and responding to messages from a variety of desktop and mobile platforms. We provide a personalized email address to match your domain name, with our Personal Email packages starting at just $0.50 per month. Our Personal package includes 2GB of mailbox storage and up to 32MB message attachments, and our Professional package includes 10GB of mailbox storage and up to 32MB message attachments, multiple mailboxes and support for both POP (delivered to one device) and IMAP (stored in the cloud) email hosting. Plus, we include inbound spam and virus protection, alongside round‐the‐clock technical support.

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Trust Westhost

Welcome to Westhost! We’re a leading web hosting company, with over twenty years of experience helping small businesses and individuals get (and stay) online. We provide a comprehensive array of internet services to firms throughout the world from website and email hosting to domain management and site building tools.

The internet has changed immeasurably since Westhost was formed in 1998, and we’ve moved with the times. We offer everything you need to get online, alongside support for companies wanting to transfer their hosting to our dependable servers. We’ve grown into part of a multinational tech giant, with a presence on five continents and dozens of powerful data centers around the world.

From a customer’s perspective, we’ve retained the spirit and ethos of a small business, even while we’ve been expanding across the globe. Westhost still offers straightforward advice and support, whether you’re an established tech firm or an enthusiastic amateur with no technical background or computing knowledge. We use no‐nonsense language in our product guides and blogs, explaining industry jargon and helping people to achieve their goals through easy‐to‐follow guidelines. We also offer affordable and dependable services, with web domains available for less than $3 a year, and email hosting costing as little as $0.50 per month


How does Westhost help clients succeed online?

Westhost has everything you need to get online, manage your brand’s reputation and meet your digital goals. From domains to dedicated servers, our reliable infrastructure will grow with you. Our expert support staff are available day and night to answer questions and lend a hand, and satisfaction is quite literally guaranteed. If you’re unhappy with your hosting services within the first 30 days of purchasing goods and services from Westhost, we will refund your money with no questions asked.

Over the years, we have built long‐standing partnerships with industry‐leading software and platforms. We can bring you acclaimed services like SiteLock, WordPress and StackCP. If you’re looking for reliable web hosting, we’re at your service.

Does my business need a website?

The simple answer is yes – and more so now than ever, following the stay‐at‐home orders and trading restrictions on mall and main street businesses throughout 2021. Companies with an online presence have traditionally received higher levels of customer, brand recognition, and website growth than purely high street enterprises. Eighty per cent of customers consult search engines before making a significant purchase, and a website will define your brand’s appearance in search engine results.

Having a website brings other benefits, such as appearing in local search results. It helps potential customers access your business information from their mobile devices, finding you while they’re on the go. Whether you need to build a website to sell products online, or to support a garage business, Westhost can help you get online and into the higher echelons of search engine results. You can see more about Westhost’s web hosting options here.

What support can I expect with my Westhost services?

Westhost clients receive instant access to 24‐hour technical support, with expert staff standing by to answer any questions you may have about your products or services. Additionally, the Westhost knowledgebase and blog contain answers to many of the most frequently asked questions among our customers.

Can I build my own website?

Absolutely! Our Website Builder is a user‐friendly website building tool that allows people with no technical knowledge to build a website for themselves or their business in a matter of minutes. If you already have your domain name registered with Midphase and you are creating a brand new site, then your website builder and hosting account should be up and running in no time.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s leading Content Management System (CMS), and it’s been used to create almost 40% of all websites which are currently live around the world. WordPress is one of the easiest ways to build a website, eCommerce shop or blog. There are thousands of easy‐to‐customize templates, with 58,000 plugins each performing a specific role, and you add these plugins to the basic WordPress framework as and when you need them. They handle everything from image galleries to eCommerce checkouts, from accelerated page loading to antivirus protection.

As an open‐source platform, WordPress is supported by thousands of experts around the globe and a thriving online community. While Westhost is immensely proud of our website builder, we recognize some people are already familiar using WordPress. That’s why we offer three dedicated WordPress hosting packages, helping customers to get online with a free domain and reliable hosting. Find out more about Westhost’s WordPress hosting packages here.

How does Westhost keep pace with industry developments?

Westhost was founded in 1998, and we’ve been evolving in response to changing trends and technical requirements ever since. When we started helping people with their online presence, there was no global supervision of domain name registration, and little in the way of email spam filtering. There was no broadband connectivity, social media was non‐existent, and WordPress was five years away from being launched.

Over the years, we’ve improved and revised our services as technologies have advanced. Our website-building platform uses the latest drag‐and‐drop functionality to create stunning websites with no coding knowledge required, and our email hosting services automatically screen messages for the latest spam and malware. We’ve helped small businesses capitalize on the meteoric growth in eCommerce and online store creation, and we’ve embraced the cloud with services like IMAP email.

What can I do if my chosen domain name is already in use?

With 1.7 billion websites currently live around the world, there’s a good chance your ideal domain name is already registered to another company. If it is, you could try adopting a different TLD, like .today or .ltd. You could add a word onto your brand name to indicate your industry or location – mybrandnamebuffalo.com, for instance. Or you could shorten your domain name – mbnbuffalo.com. You might even be able to buy a domain name that’s been parked (left sitting idle) by its current owner, though this can be expensive and may involve complex negotiations.

Which other companies is Westhost partnered with?

We are part of a family of businesses known collectively as The Hut Group. THG has a presence around the world, and our sister brands include bare metal server provider IngenuityCloudServices.com and our virtual private server partner VPS.NET. At the same time, Westhost still operates as a stand-alone brand, giving our customers a single point of contact.

What are the benefits of shared hosting?

Westhost offers each customer space on a shared server, meaning the contents of your website and email are securely stored on the same giant hard drives as other unrelated companies in different industries. Sharing resources helps to bring down the cost of our hosting services, while ensuring every client has plenty of resources at their disposal at any given moment.

As companies grow, they might want the greater control and customization available from a dedicated server of their own. If this is something your business could benefit from, our sister brand THG Hosting is able to offer bare metal servers which can be configured to your exact customization, with up to 10Gbps connectivity and over 30 global data centers. Click here to see how THG Hosting can host and support enterprise‐level businesses, with top‐tier GPU servers and industry‐leading bare metal hardware.

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By signing up you are agreeing to receive marketing communications from THG Hosting brands for the latest news, blogs, surveys, event invitations and webinars. You can change your mind at any time. Click here to view our Privacy Policy.