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Unlimited eCommerce products

Sell products that have variations like size or color

Tag products for easy searching

Set different delivery rates

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How to Build a Westhost Online Store

1. Add a payment method

2. Add basic info (currency, returns policy etc)

3. Add products

4. Add shipping costs

5. Open your business

We guarantee that this process is simple, but we also offer FREE live chat and tutorials!


Do I have to design a site from scratch?

Not at all. We offer over 140 stylish and responsive templates for free as part of our ecommerce website builder service. You can amend these to your heart’s content using our easy drag‐and‐drop interface, replacing our stock images with your own photos. You can also add pages, design elements and content anywhere you wish, without having to enter a single line of program code.

What’s the difference between an ecommerce website builder and a normal website builder?

Westhost offers a standard website builder utility, but ecommerce site builders include everything needed to trade online. They support multiple product pages, payment platforms and checkout functionality that allows people to complete their purchases.

Will I need a domain name?

Yes you will, and one is included with each Westhost ecommerce package. You can choose any available domain name (e.g. mybrandname) with a variety of top level domains (.com,.shop). However, if you’ve already registered a domain name, you can build your site at this address by importing it into Westhost’s control panel.

Does the Westhost ecommerce site builder support overseas sales?

Absolutely! You can create an online store that sells its products and services anywhere in the world, with shipping and tax rates adjusted for each nation. We offer a variety of payment gateways including PayPal and Stripe, and sites can accept payments in almost 30 different currencies.

Are Westhost websites compatible with mobile devices?

With the majority of web traffic now displaying on mobile, every Westhost website template is mobile optimised. That means your site’s design will automatically change depending whether it’s displaying on a TV/monitor, or on a smartphone/tablet. It’ll adapt to look great on any screen.

I’m taking product images on my phone. Can I edit them in the online store builder?

Yes. Modern smartphone images tend to be around five megabytes in size, which is unnecessarily big. With our Image Editor, you can crop these photos down to much smaller sizes, which will load faster and improve your site’s SEO score. You can also edit out clutter, focusing in on each product.

How do I add products through the ecommerce website builder?

We’ve made this very simple. You can batch‐upload products into the online store builder from a spreadsheet, or add them individually. Give them all names, upload relevant images, set prices and then publish them. It’s that easy! You can also set variants such as different colours or sizes, giving customers greater choice.

How quickly can I create an online store?

There are three main steps. Firstly, choose a name for your store and provide a contact email address. Then select a preferred payment provider (we recommend either PayPal or Stripe) and confirm shipping rates to cover postage costs. And that’s it – with a few clicks, your Westhost ecommerce site is ready for business...