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When accessing cPanel through, there may occasionally be an issue with cPanel failing to load. When the icon is clicked, cPanel needs to open in a new tab or window. Usually the trouble results from the cPanel pop-up being blocked by a local browser.

To resolve, please add to the browser's trusted sites, or disable the pop-up blocker altogether.

Additionally, if cookies are completely disabled, you may not be able to login to at all (taken back to the login screen without any errors), making the problem immediately apparent. However, if only third-party cookies are disabled, the browser will be able to login to successfully but will not be able to access cPanel. cPanel will prompt for login details instead of just automatically opening as it should. Since the cPanel login credentials differ from those for, you may be unable to get past this login prompt because you may attempt the credentials incorrectly.

  • Safari does not accept third-party cookies by default, so, by default, Safari users will be unable to use without encountering problems. To resolve: Go to the Safari menu > Preferences > Security section, then select Accept Cookies: Always.

  • Internet Explorer 7+ does not accept third-party cookies by default either, so IE7 and IE8 users also need to adjust their privacy settings to use without encountering problems. To resolve: Go to the Tools menu > Internet Options > Privacy tab, then drag the slider to Low.

This problem only affects to the “real” Apple Safari as well as Internet Explorer versions 7 and higher. Clients using Firefox or Google Chrome won’t have any problems with the default settings, so if all else fails switch to Firefox or Chrome.