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Premium Feature: How To Add Content Blocks

To add content blocks to your StarterSite website, please see How To Add Premium Features To Your StarterSiteOnce you have completed the checkout process for your new Premium Feature, you are ready to customize your content blocks.  

Content blocks allow you to add up to ten images with sections of text. Upload your images or choose from those previously uploaded to your StarterSite website. Customize your website with the personality and flare you need to wow your website traffic. To begin creating your content blocks, locate the Content Block section from your StarterSite dashboard and click the Configure Now button.  

A popup box will appear with a list of your options for configuring the content blocks for your StarterSite website. Note that in the next section, you have the option to add a simple markdown to format your text. For example, you can use italics, bold, headers, subheaders, lists, ordered lists, paragraphs, and links in your test. For more information on Markdown, please see this knowledgebase article.

To begin adding content blocks, toggle the button that asks you if you would like to add content blocks to your StarterSite website to YesBelow the toggle button, you can add a heading for your content block. You will notice that as you type, the preview of your StarterSite will update to show how your website will appear.   

Below the heading section, you can also add a strapline, or subheading, to your website. Enter your text into the field provided to add your strapline. The heading and strapline will appear above your content blocks. To add a content block, click the Add new content block button.  

You will first be asked to choose an image for your content block. You can upload an image from your computer or choose from your library of previously updated content blocks. Once you have chosen an image, you will be prompted to add a description. Enter the text you would like to appear next to your image into the text box. When you have finished, you can repeat this process to add another content block or click the Save draft button.  

To preview how your StarterSite will appear, click the Preview button. If at any time you want to cancel your changes, simply click the Cancel button. Note that if you click the Save drafbutton, you will also need to update your website with the new changes by clicking the Publish your StarterSite button from the StarterSite dashboard.

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