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Premium Feature: How To Add A Custom Background Image

To add a custom background image to your StarterSite website, you will first need to add the Premium Feature to your StarterSite account. For more information please see our knowledgebase article How To Add Premium Features To Your StarterSite.  

Once the Custom Background Image Premium Feature has been added to your StarterSite account, click the Configure Now button. A popup box will appear with options for adding your image.  

Upload your image by clicking the Select custom image button. Choose your image and save the changes. If you would like to select from existing images previously uploaded to your StarterSite platform, simply click the image from the list of options. StarterSite allows both .jpeg and .png image file formats.  

You can also choose from the default template image by selecting it from the available options. Once finished, click the Save Draft button at the bottom of your screen. To preview how your StarterSite will appear, click the Preview button. If at any time you want to cancel your changes, simply click the Cancel button.

After your changes are made, click Publish your StarterSite to update your website with your new features on your StarterSite website.

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