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Personal Workstation Security For WordPress

This article is part of the Protecting WordPress index, but can be generally applied to your account and security practices!

In defending your account from hackers and malicious scripts, be sure to start with your devices and workstations.

Install and Scan Machine(s) for Viruses and Malicious Software.

It is important to be familiar with your anti-virus and anti-malware software. Many programs have built-in scheduling that you can configure to make the process more automated!
One free option for Windows users:
A great free anti-malware option is:

Regularly update your browsers, anti-virus programs, and operation systems.

This is especially important if you are running a very old operating system. Check with your OS provider to determine if your version is still supported - in some cases, you may be running on software that no longer provides security updates. If so, it's time to get a new program or operating system!

Install each security patch for these systems as soon as they become available.

It is important to always install security patches for your machines. They are provided in response to vulnerabilities that may have been posted on the Internet. Hackers frequently set up scripts to scan and automatically exploit any machines they find with these known vulnerabilities.

Use a local firewall, and whenever possible one at the router and ISP (Internet Service Provider) level as well.

If you're in an office environment, your IT department or specialist may already be providing such services. If not, recommend that they implement one as soon as possible!

Update your local passwords often, following good procedures for creating secure passwords.

Password Guides:,2817,2368484,00.asp
Secure Password Generator: 

You can also use good password services like LastPass and KeePass to keep and generate secure passwords for all your accounts and services.

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