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How To Install CGI Software

CGI Scripts are programs that run from your cgi-bin directory to display information to the person accessing the script. CGI Scripts can be written in a variety of languages, including plain text. Some scripts need to be compiled, or made machine-readable. Samples of these languages include Perl, PHP, and C.

Because of the tremendous amount of problems that can occur with scripts, we are unable to provide support for any that are not installed by us either pre-installed or as a Site Add-On. If you are having difficulty with a script of your own, the best place to begin looking for help is the site you downloaded the script from. You can also try the website of the author or find out if there is a community behind the script that can help you with support. If the script you are using was written by you, or by someone no longer available for assistance with the script, you may want to look for sites that help with various generic scripting issues that can help you with troubleshooting your problems.

We can, however, offer some information. We offer the following information on CGI/Software installation:

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