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How To Correctly Forward Email

Oftentimes we want to set up e-mail addresses through WestHost, but access them through another e-mail provider. Maybe you’re looking to access your WestHost e-mail in the comfort of the familiar, spam-free Gmail interface. Maybe you have set Hotmail as your browser’s home page and want to see all of your e-mail in one convenient location. Maybe you already have an e-mail with your internet service provider and would like to have all of your messages directed to the e-mail account with them. Whatever the reason, it is important to set up e-mail forwarding correctly to ensure that you get reliable access to forwarded mail.

For best results, do not use the e-mail forwarding features within your WestHost account to forward mail to another provider. Forwarding your e-mail will forward your spam, causing your WestHost account to be seen as a sender of spam. This can cause your account to get blacklisted, preventing some or even all of your e-mails from arriving. To prevent this, the destination e-mail account (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.) should be configured to download mail directly from your account. This is called remote POP access (the majority of webmail providers today allow you to setup remote POP access — look in your destination e-mail account’s Settings or Options page for a section on “Accounts”, “Mail Accounts”, “External Accounts”, “Remote POP Account Access”, etc.)

Instead, follow the step-by-step instructions below to configure remote POP access at your destination e-mail provider:


Log in and click on “Settings” in the upper right-hand section of Gmail.
Click the “Accounts and Imports” Tab
Click “Add POP3 E-mail Account”.
Enter your e-mail address into the space provided and click “Next Step” to continue.
Gmail automatically fills in the correct POP server address, but you’ll need to change the username to "". Enter your e-mail password into the space provided. If you wish to keep messages on your WestHost account as well, enable the option to “Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server”.
If you wish to easily identify mail sent from your WestHost address, enable the option to “Label incoming messages”. Click “Next Step” to continue. **Note that if Gmail automatically fills in the domain with their domain instead of you will need to update it.
Click “Next Step” to continue.
Click “Send Verification”.


Login to your Hotmail Account
Click on “Add an e-mail account”.
Enter your WestHost e-mail address and password into the spaces provided and click “Next” to continue.
If Hotmail is unable to connect, you may be required to manually enter account settings. In this case, change the POP3 username to "". The incoming mail server should be, the port number should be 110, and the option “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)” should be disabled. [If you need SSL you will use the server address instead of and use port 995.]
If you wish to keep messages on your WestHost account as well as Hotmail, leave the option “Leave a copy of my messages on the server” enabled (or disable it to have messages only arrive in Hotmail). Click “Next” to continue.
Choose whether you want to mail to appear in a separate folder or your inbox, then click “Save”.


Login to your Yahoo Mail account.
Click on Options, then Mail Options.
Click on Accounts, then “Add or edit an account”. (Note: If you are using the older Yahoo Mail interface, your options page may be displayed differently. In this case, click on “Mail Accounts”.)
Click on “Add”
Click on “Configure Account Manually”
Enter a name of your choosing to identify this account. Under Sending Mail, enter your name and your WestHost e-mail address. Leave the “Reply To” section blank. Under Receiving Mail, enter as the mail server, enter as the username, and your e-mail password into the space provided for the password.
Choose an indicator color and the folder where you want the messages delivered.
Under options, uncheck “Leave mail on POP server” (unless you want a copy of the message to remain on the WestHost account as well) and “Retrieve new messages only” (so that all existing mail is imported into Yahoo!).
Then click “Save Changes” to continue.
Click “Send Verification”

These e-mail providers also support remote POP. Refer to the documentation from the e-mail provider for information on how to setup remote POP access:

Apple’s MobileMe
Comcast SmartZone Communications Center and Comcast Webmail

When setting up your WestHost account via remote POP, you may be prompted for some of the following information (replace with your domain name):

Incoming Mail Server (POP3):
Password: (your e-mail account password)
Leave mail on POP server: No (or, Delete messages after downloading from POP server: Yes)

Unfortunately, the following providers do not support remote POP access at this time. You may still wish to contact your provider and request the feature so they know this is something customers want.

AOL Mail

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