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A Beginners Guide To Owning A Domain Registration

This article is a list of suggestions for people who are new to web hosting. For a full guide, head over to the "Beginner's Guide" section of our knowledge base.

You can purchase a 'webspace' service for your Domain which will allow you to have your own website(s), eg -You may want to purchase an e-commerce web hosting package - designed to allow you to create websites whereby you can take electronic orders and payments.

You can 'Register' and become the owner of a Domain name providing no-one else currently owns that Domain.

The number of Email Accounts and Websites you can set up will depend upon the particular product packages that you buy.



  • Keep your contact email address up-to-date, so WestHost can contact you or send you lost password information.
    ( >> Contact Information).
  • Keep your payment card details up-to-date, to allow WestHost to periodically renew your Domains and associated services.
    ( >> Billing >> Credit Card).
  • Keep an eye on your Domains and services Expiry/Renewal Dates, and renewal settings.
    ( >> Domain Names). If you have a valid credit card on file it will automatically renew.

NOTE : Where you get someone else to set things up for you ...

If you buy a Domain name and then get someone else to set up the Email Accounts / Email Forwarders / Website for you - we strongly recommend you get them to properly explain/document the basic technical set-up for you.
Consider what will happen when that person is on holiday or otherwise unavailable.

As a mimimum you should understand ...

- How to Login to your WestHost Dashboard.
- How your POP/IMAP Email Account(s) are setup.
- How your Email Forwarder(s) are setup.
- How to login to your POP/IMAP Email Account(s) via your webmail or with a mail client like Outlook/Mac Mail.
- How to navigate around the different sections of your WestHost Dashboard.
- How many different Domains you have.
- Whether your Domains are setup to use all the usual 'WestHost default' servers and settings, so that WestHost are providing your email and/or webspace services, or whether your Domains have been set up so your email and/or webspace services are actually being provided by a different provider organisation.

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