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Category Archives: Industry Trends

Google Apps Gaining Critical Mass. Is The Enterprise Market Next?

New data is emerging that Google Apps may be on the verge of breaking the $1 billion mark in annual revenue. The evidence is circumstantial collected by Backupify a Google ISV, who surveyed 8000 Google App domains representing nearly a million users. Interestingly, at least half the user base appears to be small business orientated […]
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Final Cut Pro X: Is video editing becoming “flat” or simply more interesting?

A wise man called Thomas Friedman remarked in a recent book that the world is flat, signaling the rise of the common man in  challenging industry professionals in areas such as web design, writing,  and video editing. It’s the last area mentioned above which seems to be getting an extra push from Apple, as it  […]
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Instagram Engineering Team Slipstreams Web 2.0 Technologies

One of the world’s most popular Smartphone photo sharing apps on the iPhone is Instagram. With over 15 million downloads , this free app is highly addictive and is features even faster start-up times under Version 2.0.6. Since we offer highly affordable web hosting on Linux servers we are always interested in the behind-the-scenes engineering […]
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SoundCloud and its mission to be ‘The YouTube of Audio’

As the headline suggests, SoundCloud has some lofty goals and by all accounts it may be succeeding. The Los Angeles Times reported recently that SoundCloud had reached 10 million users and 5 million downloads of its SoundCloud application.  This is fantastic achievement considering it only started life in 2008 as a music-sharing site but found […]
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Tumblr popularity shoots upwards!

“Call us at 1-866-584-6757 and record an audio post for your blog” ~ Tumblr The above is just one piece of functionality indigenous to the Tumblr blogging site that is taking the web by storm.  PC Mag reports that that Tumblr now has over 40 million blogs worldwide. “Tumblr use has skyrocketed in the last […]
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StumbleUpon Takes The Road Less Travelled in Internet Search

Since divorcing itself from EBAY StumbleUpon has grown  from 6 million to 20 million users, signaling subtle shifts in how people are using search technology outside of Google and Bing. The idea behind StumbleUpon, started in 2001, is offering a way to discover sites you did not know existed. It is often compared to Digg […]
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SOPA DeathStar crippled; but still intact

Thank you for protecting Wikipedia. We’re not done yet~ Wikipedia Wikipedia showed all of us the monumental power of using the Internet to illustrate a philosophical (and political) position in the face of tremendous pressure from big government. By going dark for 24 hours, it sucked a vortex of users and media commentators into the […]
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Intranets: “Explore without being overwhelmed”

Website customers have become spoiled. What we mean by this relates to the aftermath of web 2.0 applications built by tech giants like Amazon and Pandora who have taken user functionality to unheard of proportions. The ability to customize searches, wish lists and alter product screens according to your unique online behavior are key features […]
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Google hopes (+) – sized features will overtake Facebook & Twitter

Google recently added the (+) sign to its suite of products for both consumers and businesses in a bid to bury the failure of Google Buzz and create a platform to challenge Twitter and Facebook. In fact, while Mark Zuckerburg may conclude the sole purpose of Google Plus is to overtake Facebook, Google begs to […]
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