Symantec chooses Drupal CMS to drive website community portal

Symantec recently used Drupal to complete an enterprise portal called Symantec Connect for key products, offering users a platform to interact with another and employees in a community-orientated platform.
Drupal is considered one of the most advanced and powerful content management systems (CMS) available to small business owners on professional web hosting infrastructure.
“Connect enables the rapid publishing of information about the day-to-day use of Symantec products through key community-centric features which facilitate the customer’s ability to ask the community for help with issues and flag solutions when they are posted for easy discovery in the forums,” said Symantec.
It also offered additional features including:

  • Ask the community for help with issues and flag solutions when they are posted for easy discovery in the forums
  • Suggest and vote on product enhancements
  • Publish helper applications and scripts as community downloads
  • Publish user-submitted screencast videos for enhanced knowledge sharing
  • Build online/offline product centric user groups with events, private content publishing and messaging in the groups
  • Keep up with content on a variety of topics within the IT and security-related fields through articles and blog entries
  • Enjoy a highly qualified community experience enabled by a suite of Symantec employee moderation, organization, and publishing controls.

Drupal had initially surveyed a number of open source and proprietary CMS solutions before selecting Drupal as the foundation for the community initiative.
According to Symantec, Drupal led the field of CMS contenders namely for these reasons:

  • A wealth of out of the box CMS and social media features and functionality
  • The ability to scale for high usage sites
  • The theme and development flexibility to customize the user experience quickly without the typical lag they had experienced requesting new features from proprietary vendors
  • A recognized developer community from which to draw quality development talent

“Symantec’s internal UX team even installed and configured rough prototypes in Drupal leveraging the vast library of existing contrib modules to experiment with various use cases for the upcoming project,” said Drupal.
For those considering a content management system to drive their website packages on affordable hosting platforms, the top three systems usually considered are Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.