Magento assumes dominant e-commerce lead on professional hosting packages

Magento appears to be a runaway success in the online shopping cart and e-commerce arena, when viewed through search activity on Google Insights.  While osCommerce and Zen Cart fight for scraps in 2012, Magento is surging upwards with a notable peak in late 2009.
All three packages have their fan base and are offered on professional e-commerce hosting platforms powered by WestHost.  Magento now serves more than 110,000 merchants worldwide and is a considered a feature-rich, open-source enterprise-class platform.  It’s flexible and offers precise control over the user experience, although some features could be considered too advanced for the average user.
A recent press release states that year-on-year growth for this popular e-commerce package is almost 250%.  Magento has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times and powers in excess of $25 billion in annual sales from more than 80,000 merchants worldwide.
The makers say they are adding more than 100 enterprise-class customers each month.
““Magento’s mission is to enable the worldwide eCommerce ecosystem. We measure everything we do against creating success for the world of ecommerce. “We are committed to our rapid growth and to keep pace with demand and innovation,” said Magento.
Magento reports that in the last year, it has tripled revenues, increased employee headcount from 90 to over 200.
“[We] continue to outpace our rivals more than 10-to-1 in sales. We are expanding, hiring new talent and further developing platforms and apps for our developers, retailers, entrepreneurs, and merchants to grow their online businesses.”