5 Cool Tips to Create a Fun Domain Name for Your Site

Creating a domain name for your website is one of the fun parts of the process. But how do you choose a domain name that’s going to be effective and easy to remember, while also communicating your company’s best interests? By using the following 5 cool tips, that’s how! Read on to make sure your domain is top of the line.

Create a Catchy Domain Name

When creating a domain name, you want to make sure you have one that’s catchy and easily remembered. Try to avoid unusual spellings, or use words that are commonly misspelled. The easier your domain name is to remember and retype, the more likely you are to have return visitors. Here’s a quick test to see if your domain name is catchy enough: think of a name that you could tell a coworker, a child, and someone over 65 years old only one time and that they would still remember a week later. If it works for all three, you’ve got yourself a winner.

Create a Short Domain Name

Short domain names will win over long domain names every day of the week. It may sound silly, but most people aren’t ultra-fast typers, and if they are going to access your site directly by typing your domain name directly into the address bar of their browser, they will be less likely to do so if it is an especially long website address. What’s more, a shorter domain name is usually easier to remember, harking back to our first cool tip. Short and sweet wins the race every time!

Try to Use the .com Extension in Your Domain Name

Although there is a plethora of domain extensions available today, .com remains king. It’s the most common domain extension, and therefore the one most people think of first. Although certain sites have had success with a different extension on their domain name, .com is the first extension users think of when navigating to a website. If you can create a domain name with a .com extension, it will almost always be the best way to go.

Make it Simple to Understand

One of the trends in digital branding these days is to add or remove letters from common words to create brand names. However, there is a danger in this, in that if a word is altered so much that it is no longer discernible from the original then no one will know what your company’s name is at all! And since you’ll likely be using your company name in your website address, the same is true for creating a domain name. It’s okay to experiment with alternate spellings and plays-on-words, just don’t overdo it at the risk of confusing your users and missing out on a site visit, and potential paying customer, altogether.

Reserve or Purchase Similar Domain Names

We talked about how .com is still the most common domain extension out there, despite loads more having become available in recent years. The top three non-country extensions are still .com, .org, and .net, so in order to make sure users will still find your site even if they type in the wrong domain extension, consider reserving at least the top three; if it’s in your budget, also reserve as many relevant country-specific and generic top-level domains (gTLDs) as you can. Not only will you convert a potential 404 error to a site visitor, you will have the added benefit of an additional branding opportunity by using an industry-specific gTLD. For example, if you’re a photographer, reserving the .com should be step one, but then reserving .camera, .gallery, .photo, .pics, .photos, .graphics, .media, and .photography would all be great ways to tell visitors what your site is all about before they even load the first page.
Also consider purchasing or reserving close misspellings of your domain name. We all make mistakes on the keyboard, and you’d hate to lose out on a potential site visitor just because they typed your domain name incorrectly. This is also true if you spell your company name slightly different to the actual word, as we discussed above.
Follow these 5 cool steps when creating your domain name and you will set your site up for success!
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