New WordPress Plugin reshapes the world of website sliders!

A new WordPress plugin is drawing interest from a number of web designers and web developers tasked with launching new websites on professional hosting platforms.
It’s called SlideDeck for WordPress and has been downloaded 250,000 times according to a recent TechCrunch article.
The WordPress plugin allows users to create SlideDecks using images, video, text and HTML.
“Our slide-by-slide editor makes creating SlideDecks easier than ever! You can even utilize our beautiful lenses to instantly change the look and feel of your SlideDeck,” said SlideDeck.
But, there are probably three features that will immediately appeal to power users:
The ability to add Instagram slides to sliders
The ability to add YouTube videos to sliders
The ability to add custom Google Maps to sliders
However, users can also add custom HTML snippets to the sliders, which make it a powerful plugin to build new websites for small business owners.  Like most modern animation editors, it offers a WYSIWIG editor with drag and drop features that allow web designers to add new slides in seconds and then quickly rearrange them.
According to SlideDeck, users can also leverage something called “lenses” to place a layer of nifty design over content: The Lenses in SlideDeck 2 allow for a high degree of customization while maintaining a high level of usability.
SlideDeck also supports streamed Google Fonts for carefully crafted typography designs and offers a range of Short Codes for both pages and content.
“Enable interaction with your external content from within your website. Overlays allow users to share links to your SlideDecks, with additional content source-specific functionality on the way,” said SlideDeck.
Check out the SlideDeck features page to see the potential customizations available in this animation plugin.
“With 7 configurable Lenses, 12 sources, 60 options and over 29 million possible combinations, there’s a lot to see and create with SlideDeck 2,” said SlideDeck.
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