How To Promote Global Credibility For Your Ecommerce Store

By 2021, the ecommerce sector is expected to be worth $4.5 trillion. This estimate of a quickly growing industry means there are still a lot of pieces of pie to go around for entrepreneurs and ecommerce owners who may be new to the world of online retail. The beauty of the internet means that even startup websites created tomorrow could be major players in two years from now. That is provided that they can convince the world they can be trusted as a reputable and secure ecommerce option.
Every ecommerce owner dreams of someday becoming a worldwide distributor of goods and services. There are hundreds of elements required to achieve global notoriety. However,  the most important ones being as reliability, security, and reputability. Your customers have to know that they will receive top quality products in a timely manner, with their personal information kept safe before, during and after purchasing your products. Therefore, in your quest to become an international retailer, you should first take a look at your website security.

Trusted Parties

Over time, far too many small businesses have overlooked the importance of cybersecurity within their ecommerce enterprise. Unfortunately, these small businesses have most likely paid the price in terms of lost customers and revenue. Shoppers know that online retailers endure constant security threats from hackers, malware, and other malicious entities. The threat of identity theft, fraud, and other methods of separating consumers from their cash has led to a generation of very savvy shoppers. Entrepreneurs must remain vigilant in their security practices and disaster recovery plans to earn their business a seat at the global ecommerce table.
Fortunately, with a little foresight and some planning, ecommerce owners can protect themselves from cyber threats. Below we have gathered crucial methods for keeping your online store and your customers safe from online security risks:

Malware Protection: SiteLock

Let us protect your website from malware with SiteLock, the leading cloud-based security solution on the market. Simply add SiteLock to your CHI account. You can relax in the knowledge that it regularly scans and removes any malware found on your website. While scanning and taking care of any malware nasties, SiteLock also optimizes your website content for a speedy delivery and mitigates DDoS attacks. Learn more about SiteLock from WestHost today!

DDoS Prevention: Cloudflare

How might a Content Delivery Network (CDN) boost your ecommerce store? Cloudflare, the leading CDN, can supercharge your website to boost security, speed, and reliability. Cloudflare uses its worldwide network to duplicate your data and store it in hundreds of locations around the globe. By doing so, websites drastically reduce the risk of DDoS attacks. Cloudflare redundancy means that one of the other points in the network can take over in the event of an outage. So, when website visitors connect to your website anywhere in the world, they are greeted with a lightning-fast response, unbeatable uptime, and top security measures. Learn more about what Cloudflare can do today.

Encryption: SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates have become an expectation and necessity for any website that sends sensitive or personal information across the web. You are most likely familiar with the green padlock located in the left-hand corner of the URL bar. The padlock, as well as a URL that begins with https (as opposed to just http), means that the website you are visiting is protected by an SSL Certificate. Many customers will not conduct business with a website that is not protected by an SSL Certificate because they know that their information can be spied on as it travels from one point to another. Learn more about protecting your website with an SSL Certificate at today!