Q: Why am I getting errors that say something about a POP lock, or I just randomly cannot connect?

A: Site manager by default uses a POP3 mail server.

POP3 is a mail protocol that handles all email for a user in one large file. In order to prevent data corruption, it puts a lock on the email file while you are checking your email.

This means that if you have more than one device connecting at the same time, it can kick you out due to that lock. Because of that, you'll want to give a minute or so between checking with one device or another. Sometimes POP locks won't release themselves correctly. If that seems to be happening, please contact us so that we can remove it.

Additionally, a POP lock can sometimes be put on if there is already some corruption in the mail file. In order to prevent that, it is best to keep your mailbox on the server under 100MB at all times (we recommend 75MB or lower).

Please also set up your email program to periodically remove messages from the server, or clear them out yourself by logging into a webmail client.

Alternatively, you can install IMAP through Site Manager >> Install & Manage. You may need to upgrade to a dedicated IP to install Dovecot IMAP to your account.