Shared SSL allows you to secure your site without having to purchase your own SSL Certificate. You will be able to use "" as a secure URL to get to your account.

This article is for Site Manager Accounts. Determine where your account is with this guide. 

Installing Shared SSL

For installation instructions, please click here.

Using Shared SSL

Once you have installed the shared SSL on your account, you can begin using it by simply accessing files you need secured through the secure path rather than the non secure path. There is no need to upload files to a special location for them to be secured by SSL.

For example, if you have a file called securefile.html and you needed to have that file secured by SSL, you would just upload that file to your website like any other file. Once securefile.html is uploaded, there are two ways that it can be accessed:

  • Non Secure:
  • Secure:

You will only want to access the files with their secure link that need to be secured. There is usually no reason to secure every page with SSL. Accessing your entire site through SSL will cause pages to load slower than if you accessed them without the SSL. Below is a table of some more examples of secure and non secure links to the same file:

Non Secure Link

Secure Link