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Overselling is the ability to over allocate resources beyond a set quota but not to exceed the quota by actual usage.

For example, a reseller that has 100MB disk space and 50 accounts can allocate 100 MB for each account meaning that the total sum of allocation is 100x50=5000MB. However, when the sum of actual disk usage of the reseller and his/her accounts reaches 100MB, the  accounts will be blocked from using more disk space.

Overselling can be defined as unlimited allocation of resources but limited usage.

In Server Manager, overselling is allowed for Storage and Bandwidth. Overselling can be done in two levels:

Server level: Administrator can over allocate their servers resources by defining initial quota that is larger than the physical one.

Administrator and parent resellers will be able to define:

Whether their clients will have overselling permissions

Whether their clients can oversell either Storage or Bandwidth

Whether their clients can oversell both Storage and Bandwidth

Block when hard quota is reached - This option enables to choose if the clients will be automatically disabled when reaching quota (if the client is a reseller then it includes its whole client branch).
Note that this option is never applied if the quota for bandwidth is set to Unlimited value.


E-mail alerts are sent by Server Manager twice a day:

  • The end-user account owner (and the account parent) will receive soft quota alert (90% usage) to indicate that usage is close to exceeding quota.
  • The parent of the account (reseller or parent reseller) will receive hard quota alerts when usage has reached the quota (the end user will not receive this alert).