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 How can I get my account moved to cPanel?

You can migrate your account from Site Manager to cPanel at any time. WestHost does not mandate a migration, so there is no requirement to move.

The main methods for getting your account moved to cPanel are:

  1. Migrating your own content. (You know your own site, so this is the best option.)
  2. Requesting a quote from Custom Services to have your account migrated.
  3. Requesting a review from support to see if we can move your account.
 Can WestHost Support move my account from Site Manager to cPanel?

In some cases, yes. This move depends on an initial review of your account by our Support team. Contact Support to request a review ticket.

 Do I have to pay for both hosting services while I am moving my account?
We try to make the move as easy as possible, so we provide some coupons to discount the migration period. Please remember that we are usually able to transfer the credit from your Site Manager account over as well when the move has been completed.

In some cases, you may be close to your renewal date with Site Manager and will likely need to complete that renewal payment if your account is not already moved over (by yourself or one of our departments).
 How do I get Tech Support to move my account?

The general steps will be for you to call or chat with our Support team. We will answer questions and give you general information on the move process and submit a ticket for your Site Manager account to be reviewed.

We try to review each request within one business week (5 days). We will then let you know if it is possible for our team to make the move for you. If a move is possible, we will provide a link for you to order the necessary package. That package must be ordered as it fits the minimum requirements our Support team feels will suit your existing account.

Please note that a review is as detailed as we can make it. However, the review does not mean that the account will function correctly in the new environment, but only that our team feels that it should without too much additional effort. 

Be aware that some accounts have customizations that simply will not be transferrable to the cPanel Shared environment. You may be asked to upgrade to a Cloud Reseller account in order to have the proper access for you to add in your customizations.

 What are the steps of a migration? How long does it take to finish?

If you are moving your own account, you may be able to get it done in only a few days. You are welcome to ask questions of our Support team as you move your content to the new environment.

If you are having Support move your account, we handle these as quickly as possible on a first come, first serve basis. You should expect to wait at least a couple of weeks for the account to be reviewed, moved, billing details established, and for any kinks to be worked out.

After your account has been approved and you've let Support know that your new cPanel account has been ordered, we can begin the migration process.

The general flow of migration is:

  1. Copy all files, databases, and email users to the cPanel account.
  2. Update configuration files to use the correct username and password format required by cPanel.
  3. Test basic site functionality.
  4. Have the client (you) test site functionality. You may need to make customizations to your account which are not within the scope of our Tech Support at this stage. We will try to direct you toward resolutions as best we are able.
  5. When all is working, update the DNS (Domain Name Servers) so that your site(s) point to the new account.
  6. Close Site Manager account. This cancellation MUST be submitted by you when you are ready. Tech Support will not close a Site Manager account automatically. We cannot be responsible for charges that result from a failure to properly close your old account.

Migration can take anywhere from 2 - 6 weeks. The delay is due to the many points along the way where we require a response from you, the account owner. The more responsive you are, the better Support is able to work through the steps listed above. The longest parts of the migration tend to be the moving of files and the basic configuration updates.

Site testing can also include some back and forth communication if you need to ask questions about certain functionality that may be different in the new system.

Be aware that Support does not handle the billing for your account, so you will need to follow up on your migration to properly close out your Site Manager account and have the remaining billing cycle credit transferred to cPanel.

 How long should a migration take?

If you perform your own migration, you can take as long as you need. Since you or a web developer should be more familiar with your site, it is often much faster to move the account on your own. Tech Support is available 24/7 if you have questions about tools in the new environment, or need direction to online support forums for a particular piece of software.

We try to be as knowledgeable as possible, but cannot support custom software that may be included in your migration to the new system. Be aware that some software cannot be moved to the new system at all. 

If you are having Custom Services or Tech Support conduct a migration, it could take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. We do NOT have the ability to promise a timeline or schedule for migrations, as each account has unique needs.

All migrations are handled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

 What level of Support is provided to me when WestHost moves my account?

The following guidelines will give you a general idea on what Support will be able to accomplish OR topics they can answer questions about during a migration:

  • The basic movement of files, databases, email users. We can copy files over.
  • Updating configuration files. Like WordPress, the configuration file will need to be updated to match the new database username and password.
  • Configuration of DNS zone files.
  • Configuration of email users (and guidance on updating your mail client to remain connected).
  • Configuration of addon or sub-domains.

If your site has custom software or has been customized from the default settings provided by the Site Manager system, you will need to ensure these customizations are carried over or updated to suit the needs of your new environment. Tech Support is not familiar with the inner workings of your website and may be very limited when answering questions about customizations or software involved in a migration.

We strongly recommend that you have current backups of your Site Manager account and that you or a developer are able to update settings or re-configure customizations that you will need in the new cPanel system.

Each account is unique and we will do our best to provide the best level of support possible. The best, and most important, factor in migration is your patience and open communication with our teams.