1. Go to our home page https://www.westhost.com/. Hover your mouse over the Web Hosting tab. A drop down menu will appear. Select the WordPress Hosting option in the left menu. Complete the Optimized WordPress Hosting Checkout.

  2. Once the order has been processed login to your CHI account at https://chi.westhost.com/ and click the WordPress tab in the left menu.

  3. In the WordPress tab you will a Configure button. Click Configure.

  4. Enter your WordPress website details. In most cases you will leave the Installation Directory blank.

    1. Installation Directory

      1. This step is very important. It tells if you want your WordPress installation installed within a subdirectory of your chosen domain or on the domain itself. If you want to be able to go to http://mydomain.com and see the WordPress site, then leave the field empty.
        If you want the WordPress installation in a subdirectory, state which directory you would like it in. You will be able to go to http://mydomain.com/blog, http://mydomain.com/shop, or any other directory you enter.

  5. Enter WordPress admin and FTP details. The admin username and password will log in to the WordPress dashboard. Enter the FTP Account Details. Click Next.

  6. Choose a theme. This step is optional. If you already have a theme you can install it after accessing the WordPress admin dashboard. Click Process.

  7. The WordPress account is now being set-up. This step can take up to an hour.

  8. After waiting for the set-up to complete, click the WordPress hosting tab in the left menu. You will see a message about the account is still being set-up or you will see the domain listed in a white column to the right of the tabs.

  9. Click your account in the white column to the right of the tabs. You will be presented with the Manage Service tool and FTP Account Details.

  10. You can now access the WordPress Admin Dashboard. Click Go to WordPress Admin Area to reach the WordPress login. The login uses the admin username and password you entered during the installation.

  11. The WordPress dashboard is where you can create pages and posts. You can install a website theme, plugins, and manage the website. 


If you have any questions during the installation process please feel free to contact our support team through live chat or by submitting a ticket in your CHI dashboard.