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This article is intended for CHI clients only.

This article has been created to assist WestHost clients when connecting their CHIMail account in Windows Live Mail.

Step 1: Add An Account in Live Mail

1. Open the Windows Live Mail application.

2. Click on the tab titled “Accounts” located at the top of your screen and select the “Add Email” button.

3. Insert the following information: email address, password, and display name.

Click “Next”.

*Your password will be the same one that is used to log in to your WestHost email account.

Step 2. Configure Server Settings

1. Under “Incoming Server Information” click on the dropdown bar to access the “Server Type” tab. Select from POP, IMAP, or Windows Live Hotmail. Choose either POP or IMAP. If you would like more information about the difference between these options click here.

2. Insert “” into the “Server Address” section for Non-SSL or "" for SSL.

You will then need to enter the appropriate Port # depending on whether you have chosen POP or IMAP, and if you prefer the more secure SSL method of delivery for your mail system.

For example: For the POP server type without  the use of the secured option, insert Port 110.

POP3     (Incoming)

IMAP     (Incoming)

SMTP     (Outgoing)

Non secure




Secure (SSL)




3. Click on the dropdown bar under the “Authenticate Using” section and select one of the options. You will want to select “Clear Text”.

Enter your email address in all lowercase for the username.

Step 3: Configure Outgoing Server Information

  1.Enter “” into the “Server Address” section for non-SSL, or if you are using SSL settings.

2. Enter in either Port 587 for unsecured connections or Port 465 for secure (SSL) connections.

3. Click “Next” to complete the process.

Your email address is now available through Windows Live Mail.

Microsoft also has extensive documentation about their Windows Live Mail product.