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Create a new account via the following fields:

  • Domain: Enter domain name of account.

  • Login Name: Enter the username for the account owner. The account owner will use this name to login to the account's Site Manager.

  • Password: Enter password for account owner.

  • Retype Password: In order to validate password you must retype it in this field.

  • Service plan name for the client: Account's service plan. This is the advertised service plan name that is known to client(s). If this field is left blank then the service package name is utilized.

  • Service Package: Select service package for account from drop down menu (The list includes only enabled service packages). Note that list includes both basic service packages and Add-Ons.


Click Next. In the next tab you will be prompted to enter the account's contact details. Note that the E-mail Address field cannot be left blank, and a legal e-mail address of account owner must be entered.