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Oh no! Your website is down! This article will guide you through the steps of how to check if your problem is related to a server issue.

Step 1: Refresh The Webpage

Refresh the webpage that you are viewing by clicking the “refresh” button next to the URL, or address, bar.

Sometimes a webpage is down temporarily and refreshing the page can solve the issue without any further action.

Step 2: Check The Server Status at

Servers can go offline for a multitude of reasons. There may be issues connecting to the internet, configuration problems or perhaps a component out. Servers are also taken down momentarily so we can perform maintenance on them. publishes up-to-date status information regarding server outages to help you diagnose your problem. You can find this information at


If your site remains down for an extended period of time and the status page displays that all services are working properly, please visit the “Site Down” section of our Knowledge Base or contact WestHost Support by opening a chat or creating a ticket.

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