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This article is for accounts using CHI.


How do I log in to my account?

You can access your account at To log in to your CHI account for the first time click on the “Forgot Password?” link, enter your billing email address in the username field, and click "set password."  The password reset link will then be sent to your email address. 

What is CHI?

CHI (client hosting interface) is our user-friendly control panel that allows you to view and manage all of your hosting services. You can manage your domains, upgrade your hosting plan, view your account details, or submit a support ticket. Click here if you have never heard of CHI.

Will I experience downtime during the upgrade?

Our teams have worked very hard to ensure that the transition to CHI is as seamless as possible. We anticipate very little downtime during the upgrade process and most clients will not notice any interruption in service.

Do I need to take a back up of my site?

It is always recommended that you have a backup solution in place. During the migration process we are taking precautionary measures to ensure that no data is lost.

Will migrating my account into CHI affect my web hosting account?

No, we will not be making any changes to your web hosting account. Once you have been upgraded, you will be able to access your web hosting account from CHI.

Will my price change due to the migration to CHI?

No. WestHost takes pride in offering reliable hosting solutions at affordable prices. While pricing may change due to market factors, support cost, etc. you will not see a price increase due to the upgrade to CHI.

Will my plan change? 

WestHost offers a variety of hosting solutions that vary depending on your specific personal or business needs. In order to accommodate our clients we will place you on a hosting plan that is equal to or better than your current plan.

 Will there be any changes to the billing renewal process?

Yes, if you have selected automatic renewal we will send out a notification to the email address on file 14 days prior to your renewal. We will attempt to charge the card on file seven days prior to the service expiring, with a final attempt being made one day prior to the renewal date. If your card does not accept payment you will receive a final renewal notice one day prior to the service expiration date. The service will be suspended 24 hours after the expiration date.

Will I still have access directly to cPanel?

Yes, you can access cPanel from CHI once you have logged in. This is how we recommend accessing your cPanel. You can also access cPanel directly by entering

Do I need to update my DNS?

If your domain is registered with us we will automatically update the DNS for your domain(s). If your domain(s) is not registered with us you will need to update the DNS information for your domain after the upgrade is complete. We will notify you when the migration has been completed so that you can update your DNS. This change will not cause any downtime because we will keep the existing name servers active until futher notice. Here is the DNS information for CHI:

Note that some registrars only allow you to add two name servers. If this is the case, please use:

If you have any questions or concerns about DNS please contact our support team, they are happy to assist and answer any questions. If your domain is registered with another registrar please contact your domain registrar to update the DNS for your domain.

Has my account been upgraded to CHI?

We will send a notification once upgrades are complete. If you want to check whether or not your account has been upgraded, go to and log in using your contact email address and password. If you are redirected to CHI, then your account has been upgraded. If you are not redirected to CHI, then your account has not been upgraded. If you have not received email about upgrading your account, your account probably not being upgraded yet.

How can I contact WestHost?

You can submit a support ticket by logging into CHI and one of our representatives will get back with you as quickly as possible. You can also contact us using our convenient live chat option or phone us at 1-800-222-2165.


We also recommend checking out our knowledgebase for commonly asked questions.

Didn't answer your questions? Ask our support team.