If you've never heard of CHI, this article will answer some basic question about WestHost.com's new Client Hosting Interface

Q - What is CHI?

A - CHI (client hosting interface) is our new user-friendly control panel that allows you to view

and manage all of your hosting services. You can manage your domains, upgrade your hosting

plan, view your account details, or submit a support ticket.

Q – Has my account been upgraded to CHI?

A - Not all of our accounts use CHI at this time. All of our shared cPanel hosting accounts will

be upgraded to CHI. If your account is being moved to CHI you will receive an email prior to

being upgraded. Once the upgrade has been completed you will receive another email

communication confirming the upgrade has been completed. No Site Manager accounts are being upgraded.  

Q - Will I be moved to CHI?

A – You will receive an email notification before any of your services are moved to CHI. 

Q - How do I know if I should use CHI?

A – Once you receive an email notification that your services have been upgraded to CHI you

will want to start using CHI.