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What To Do If Your Domain Name Is Taken

There are more than 125 million registered domains on the internet from all around the world, So somebody may have already registered the domain that you were looking to register. The WestHost website allows you to check the availability of your desired domain and others similar to the one you are looking for if your domain is unavailable.

How to find out if your domain name is available

Type the domain name that you wish to register into the search bar at

WestHost will automatically search through all available domain names to look for your preferred domain. If the domain you want has previously been registered, you will see the receive the following  message:

What can you do if your desired domain is taken?

If the domain you want is owned by someone else, you have several options for moving forward:

Option 1: Register a gTLD (.co, .biz,.org, .guru, etc.):

You may try registering the domain name that you searched for under another extension. WestHost will automatically present you with a list of available domain names with alternate web address endings, called gTLDs.

While .com domains are still the most widely used extension, gTLDs are quickly gaining popularity. Alternate web address endings are a way to keep your original brand while also being easily searchable and memorable. This is typically the best option for maintaining your brand name without breaking the bank.

You may want to consider registering multiple domains to protect your brand and prevent others from registering domains with your brand. To do so, simply click the “SELECT” button to add multiple domains to your cart before proceeding to the checkout screen.

Option 2: Change your desired domain name

Another option for finding the perfect domain is by altering your originally desired domain name. If your website is based in a specific location you may consider a geographic reference for example: instead of “, you may try There are many options for creatively adjusting your domain to include your current brand.

You may also try altering the spelling of your domain; however, be aware that altering the domain may make it more difficult for people to find your site. Avoid using hyphens or other special characters whenever possible as they are not typically used in domain names. because

Option 3: Purchase the Domain

You can view information about the owner of the website by clicking on the “Taken” button next to the domain.

You can contact the owner or work through a third-party domain broker to obtain the domain you wish to register. Domain selling is a multi-million dollar industry, so it is important to note that you could end up paying quite a bit of extra money for your domain. WestHost does not offer any domain brokering services.

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