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What Is And How Do I Use It

 This article is for cPanel Accounts. Determine where your account is with this guide.

This section tries to answer some of the how do I type questions that new WestHost clients often ask - in the order that new users tend to ask them.

This section of articles also tries to inform you about 'things you need to know' about owning and managing a Domain or Domains.

In 2009 we introduced a new design of the WestHost control panel.

The webhosting aspect is called cPanel and the interface at is an overall dashboard for your account. Feel free to refer to as your 'WestHost Dashboard' if that makes it easier to separate it from your cPanel hosting management tool.

It allows you as a WestHost to manage your Domain(s) and Hosting Account(s):

  • Administer the Email Accounts related to your Domain(s).
  • Access website(s) management software for the websites associated with your Domain(s). (Where you have purchased a 'webspace' package). This is called your cPanel admin.
  • View your WestHost Invoice History, and upcoming Domains/services renewals.
  • Keep an eye on your Domain (and associated services) expiries and renewals.

Please login to your WestHost Dashboard at least every few months to :

  • Keep your contact email address up-to-date, so WestHost can contact you.
    ( >> Contact Information icon).
  • Keep your payment card details up-to-date, to allow WestHost to periodically renew your Domains and associated services. ( >> Billing >> Credit Cards).

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