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What Is A-La-Carte In Server Manager?

A-la-carte is the ability to add billable elements (Add-Ons) of a specific resource that clients can add/remove to their basic service bundle instead of moving to a new service bundle that might not suit the exact client's needs.

Server Manager a-la-carte offering:

  • For end user accounts - Service Package Add-Ons

These are the basic rules when dealing with a-la-carte- Add-Ons:

  • A specific Add-On can be added to a package as many times as needed, providing that overall quotas (total of package + sum of add-on quota) are not breached.

  •  When an Add-On is added or removed the total sum of quotas of the package and all the currently assigned Add-Ons are recalculated (the soft quota of the Add-Ons is added to the soft quota of the package and hard quota is added to the hard quota of the package).

  • An Add-On can be assigned to multiple packages and each package can have multiple Add-Ons.

  •  When removing an Add-On (as with downgrading a package) quotas will be changed but Site Applications will not be uninstalled.

Service Package A-La-Carte

A-La-Carte for Service Package allows end-users to buy a basic service package and to add/remove billable elements (Add-Ons) with specific functionalities.

The Add-Ons defined for VPS accounts are:

  • Site Applications (Single Site Application or a set of Site Applications)

  • Bandwidth  (Quota in MB)

  • Storage      (Quota in MB)

  • DNS (Number of records)

  • Services     (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP - # of accounts)

  • Remote Access (yes/no)

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