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What Is A HomePage

HomePage has several meanings. Originally, the web page that your browser is set to use when it starts up. The more common meaning refers to the main web page for a business, organization, or person, or simply the main page out of a collection of web pages, e.g. 'Check out so-and-so's new Home Page.' Another sloppier use of the term refers to practically any web page as a 'homepage,' e.g. 'That website has 65 homepages and none of them are interesting.'

The main page that first loads is usually called index.html, index.php, or home.html and may be referred to as the home page.

Unless you have a custom .htaccess file or other redirection method in place, your default website folder MUST have an index.htm/.html/.php or other extension to work. If your default page is called home.html the server may not know to look for it in replace of index.html.

WestHost shared hosting accounts are created with a default index.html file. You will need to overwrite or rename this file with your files to disable it. If you upload an index.php file without removing the index.html file then the server will continue to default to the WestHost index.html instead.

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