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What is a DKIM record and how to add it to your email.

The purpose of DKIM is to check that an email is really from the domain or sender that it said it was sent from and if it has been altered in any way in transit. DKIM, like SPF, enables a specific aspect of the email sending process to be authenticated from your domain.

Specifically, DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), provides a foundation for distinguishing legitimate mail. A DKIM signature is placed in the header of emails sent by StackCP's mail servers, so that the receiving mail server can then validate the signature using a public cryptographic key (2048 bit). It's added as a 'TXT record' in the 'Manage DNS' section for the domain name.

DKIM is not a guarantee that all emails will be delivered. Instead, it provides the receiving mail server with further information so it can make a more informed decision on the best way to handle the email.

How to add a DKIM record through StackCP:

1.Login to your account at
2. Head to 'Shared Hosting' and click 'Manage StackCP'

3. Inside StackCP click the Search Icons and enter DKIM.

4. Click on "DomainKeys" icon
5. Ensure you’ve selected the domain you want to add the DKIM record-to.
6. Add a Selector. This can be any value or name you like. It’s simply a field to identify the DKIM record. Then click Add Signature.

**Please note that as long as your domain is using our name severs, our system will automatically add the correct TXT record for you.

The signature will be added immediately to emails sent from the mailboxes under the domain selected. Our system will automatically add a DNS record into the Manage DNS. Please wait a while for that record to become active and begin working on your email.

From here you’re all done: your emails will use DKIM as a method to authenticate email.

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