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What Are The Available Backups For Cloud Accounts

Burst and Storm Accounts

Snapshot backups are an "all or nothing" type of backup. If WestHost restores an account from a snapshot backup we cannot select individual files -- all files are restored or none.

WestHost recommends that you maintain a version of website files locally in addition to any backups maintained by the hosting server. WestHost is not responsible for any lost data and does not guarantee that backup data will be viable or useful in the case that you need a restoration. **

If your account is utilizing a Burst or Storm account, then your backups are in a 'snapshot' method and WestHost keeps three intervals that data can be restored from:

  1. Prior Day
  2. Prior Week
  3. Prior Month

These can be restored by Tech Support upon request. The availability of backups will depend on the age and type of Cloud account that you have.

The following needs to be done prior to escalation:

  1. Verification of your account by either the last 4 digits of the credit card on file or the password.
  2. We will need to verify which backup date, from the list available, that you would like restored.
  3. These are snapshot restorations -- everything on the account is restored. We cannot simply restore just a file or two.

Monsoon Accounts

If you're utilizing a Monsoon account, we have R1Soft backups. There are three backups for the past three days, and each backup is taken once per day. There will be an R1Soft icon available in cPanel. This backup method does allow for individual files to be restored, rather than an entire snapshot.

HSI Accounts

If you're in our HSI Cloud hosting, rather than the cloud accounts then we maintain a

  • weekly,
  • monthly,
  • and yearly snapshot backup.

These can be restored via a ticket request through our support team. They are 'all or nothing' restores so we cannot restore individual files or folders. We can restore the entire snapshot upon request.

If you are unsure which hosting package applies to your account -- please contact support!

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