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Server Manager Glossary



A HostingDirector account provides the functionality of a dedicated server in a shared, virtual hosting environment. Each account owner can administrate the website via a user-friendly Site Manager. An account is also referred to as a VPS (Virtual Private server) or a site.



A specific enhancement to the account or service package can later be charged separately to the relevant account owner. This provides "A-La-Carte provisioning" that allows users to buy a basic services package and to add/remove billable elements (Add-Ons) with specific functionalities. Enhancements to functionality include additional disk space, additional bandwidth, enabling DNS, Site Applications, FTP service, HTTP service, POP service, SMTP service, and remote access to account. Add-ons are added to an existing basic service package and facilitate modification of current accounts and service packages



Aliases are shortcuts used to redirect e-mails. There are four types of aliases:

E-mail aliases redirect e-mails to a specified address.

Distribution list aliases allow you to send mail to one address and have it distributed to a group.

Command line aliases forward e-mails to an application for processing.

Catch All alias forwards all unresolved e-mail messages to specific e-mail addresses.


Anonymous FTP

A method for giving users access to files so that they don't need to identify themselves when logging in. The user enters "anonymous" as a user ID and leaves the password field empty or enters "anonymous".


Web server of choice to most System administrators. Its open-source code and cross-platform, compatibility make this Web server ideal for highly scalable operations.


Apache Error Messages

The Apache error document Site Application displays a response of your choice as an alternative to conventional error messages such as �404 Not Found�. You can either display a custom text message or redirect the user to any web page.


Auto Responder

Automatically replies to e-mails. Enter a message and an e-mail address of your choice. Your message will be automatically sent to anyone who sends e-mails to this selected address.





Acronym for bandwidth



Common gateway interface (CGI)

Code is responsible for describing how the server communicates with another application.




Dedicated IP Account

An account that has an exclusive IP address assigned to it.



Domain Name Server. A DNS is an online distributed database system used to map human-readable machine names into IP addresses. The DNS serves as a gateway between the server and the outside world, resolving the IP address and routing files to their correct directories.



File Manager

Manage files on your system through a browser. Edit and password-protect HTML files without using Telnet. Requires PERL and Python Site Applications.

FrontPage Extensions

A set of programs on a Web server that allow users to author, administer, and browse Microsoft FrontPage�-extended Web sites, and to add enhanced functionality such as hit counters, search forms, and discussion webs to their sites.



An Internet protocol for exchanging files between machines.




Create a web page where users can leave their contact information and comments. Users can view all submitted comments and there are options to notify you when a user has signed in. Also enables e-mailing to all registered users.




HyperText Markup Language. Tag language, which describes how a Web page is displayed.



IP Filtering

IP filtering enables you to control access to your system by permitting or denying access according to IP address. Access can be restricted by VPS, web page, FTP site, and mail.




A technology combining the power of PHP scripts and the Apache HTTP server.  Enables the writing of Apache pages entirely in PHP, thus enabling PHP code to be inserted directly alongside HTML.



Name Based Account

An account whose IP address is shared with other accounts.



The Network File System is an application that lets a user view and optionally store and update files on a remote machine.



Name Server



Open SSL

This SSL module allows you to equip your Web site with secure Internet transaction capability. It gives you and your clients peace of mind when conducting commerce over the Web.




Script language of choice for Web developers. Libraries for PERL exist for several platforms and PERL's speed and flexibility make it well-suited for form processing and on-the-fly web page creation.



An Internet protocol for receiving e-mail messages.



A popular server-side scripting language. Python is used in many situations where a great deal of dynamism, ease of use, power, and flexibility are required.




Disk space quota: Amount of space that the account owner is entitled to utilize.

Files quota: Number of files that the account owner is entitled to utilize.





Resellers are special users who are enabled to manage one or more accounts and to resell hosting services to individual users.

Reseller Profile

Reseller profiles include a list of properties that define a profile of services and privileges for the resellers that utilize it. Reseller profiles function as distinctive service packages for reseller accounts. For example, a reseller profile includes a property that allows reseller(s) to manage nested resellers. When it is enabled, the reseller that utilizes this reseller profile can administrate nested resellers.




Acronym for Service Package

Service Package

A service package is a package of services for an account (VPS or Dedicated Server) that includes definitions of quotas, services, and Site Applications for the accounts that utilize it.

Shared IP Address

A shared IP address enables to allocation of more than one account to the same IP address.

Site Applications

Site Applications are software components that you install to give your server additional functionality. You can browse the available Site Applications in the various categories and choose the ones you wish to install.


Secure Sockets Layer: A program that increases the security of messages that are sent via the Internet.


Popular e-mail protocol for sending e-mail messages.


User Account

A user account is a mail and FTP account. Creating a user account allows the user to access his/her password-protected e-mail and files located on the server.




A Virtual Private Server (VPS) provides the functionality of a dedicated server in a shared, virtual hosting environment. A VPS is also referred to as an account.

Virtual Hosting

The provisioning of a name-based site that has the following services: HTTP, FTP, POP, SMTP.

Virtual Memory

Utilization of the machine's hard disk to simulate additional random-access memory.

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