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Server Administration Basics

The Server Administration tab is located at the top of the >> Dedicated Servers window. It includes an Overview section that covers your general hardware information as well as any Add-ons you've purchased for your server. Remote Access includes the logins to your KVM manager [see that section for more information].


Support Access allows you to generate and test the SSH key for your server. If you have the cPanel/WHM Addon you MUST have an SSH key if you want services like DNS, IP Manager, and the's WHM login ability to work correctly.


Network lays out your basic server traffic data, so you can review things like bandwidth for each month. It will also list the IP addresses you've purchased.


Reboot/Re-image/Rescue allows you a quick way to manage some of the power or emergency functions for your server.

Reboot: If your server has stopped responding you may force it to reboot. To help protect against data loss a forced reboot should only be used if you are unable to shut down your server via KVM or SSH.

: Re-imaging your server will permanently delete all of the data it contains. Please be certain you have recent backups of your data before proceeding. When you re-image your server the new root password is saved for you in the menu below. You are welcome to change the root password to something other than the default value.

: If you need to troubleshoot any critical server problems you can reboot your server into a temporary rescue environment. Once you are finished using the rescue environment simply reboot your server and it will restart like normal.

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