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My Site Is Down - What Do I Do

If your website is not loading, there are a couple of reasons why this might be happening. To troubleshoot the problem, please follow these steps:

1. Check your website here:

If this page tells you “It's not just you!”, visit to check for any maintenance reports. Any time major issues or downtime is found or required on our servers, or if maintenance is scheduled, a post about it will be placed on the Status Blog. If your server is not listed on the Status Blog, contact Technical Support.

If there is a major problem, like a server crash, this usually means that Technical Support will get suddenly inundated with support requests. Please be patient as Technical Support and our Administrators will be working to correct the issue as quickly as possible as well as respond to all the support requests.

If this page tells you “It's just you.” Continue to Step 2.

2. If your site is working, but for some reason you cannot browse to it, again, there are a couple of things that could be happening. First, we want to check to see if you have somehow been banned by the server security system.
To test this, we need to know if cPanel will load for you or not. Please browse
If a login prompt pops up, or if you can load cPanel, then you are NOT banned from the server. Continue to Step 3.
If cPanel does not load, Technical Support will need 3 things to investigate the issue. First, please browse to, this site will show you the current IP address of your computer. Make a note of it.
Once you have your IP, submit a ticket to Technical Support stating that you cannot access your site or cPanel, include your Primary Domain Name and the IP address that you looked up.

3. If your site is not loading, but cPanel will load, please contact Technical Support and inform them of this. They will need your Primary Domain Name and any errors that you are receiving. (example: Server Not Found, Could Not Connect, 404 Not Found, 403 Forbidden, etc).

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