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Management Add-ons Section

Management Add-ons for your server are a tab under the >> Dedicated Servers. You can make sure you have all the necessary Add-ons that you will want to keep your server as secure and reliable as possible. The Overview will show you a summary of your purchased Add-ons.

Available Add-ons are listed on the left-hand side.

Automatic Event Alerts:  Monitor CPU/server load, memory, processes, disk usage, network traffic, Apache, MySQL, Nginx & RabbitMQ. Keep an eye on your servers and get e-mail, SMS & iPhone alerts when things go wrong. Using the fully integrated dashboard from Server Density you'll find out if your servers are being overworked so you can tweak settings or add power.

cPanel/WHM: Features of cPanel include an intuitive online interface; self-monitoring for increased reliability, if the control panel detects a failed service it will automatically restart itself; built-in virus protection, rootkit detection, and a host of tools that will secure your server; Softaculous script installer take the hassle out of installing popular programs such WordPress, Gallery, and Joomla; fully integrated applications such as a Site Builder & web mail.

External Server Backups
: By default, the WestHost DOES NOT maintain backups for unmanaged dedicated servers. If you would like us to do so, be sure to include this Add-on in your package!

Kernel & OS Updates
: Updates come out at least once a week for many kernels, and help provide reliability and security for your server. If you want to ease some of the burden of server management from your shoulders this Add-on can help by having our WestHost admin team conduct updates continually throughout the month.

Monthly Security Audit
: This Add-on has the WestHost admin team perform a low-level security audit on your server and provide a detailed report of any potential issues that arise. This way you can verify that your server is remaining as secure as possible.

Server-side Virus Scanning
: Your server is susceptible to viruses similar to your PC at home. Our tools help protect against viruses, malware, etc.

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