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How To Work With Hidden Files

Many times you will want to use a command with a * inside a folder, such as

cp -a /folder1/* /folder2/

But this does not grab the hidden files, such as .htaccess from folder 1. Note that .htaccess files in sub-folders will be grabbed when the entire folder is grabbed. I would also like to mention that you should NEVER use .* or *.* since this will allow your command to “escape” the current directory by accessing.

You can grab the entire directory, for example:

mv ~/ ~/public_html/folder/

But this can cause issues as well with permissions or ownership in some cases.

Here is a command that sets your command line up to grab the hidden files correctly. Just run

shopt -s dotglob

This command will allow you to use a command like the following to get all of the contents, including hidden files.

mv ~/* ~/public_html/

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