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How To Use Tweak Settings for Better Cloud Performance

One of the big questions with a misbehaving Cloud account is how to increase performance or prevent out-of-memory errors.
Here are a variety of ways to tweak your Cloud to fit your needs.

Main >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings


  • Email delivery retry time: The default is a retry every hour - but you may want to extend this so the server is less strained with larger queues.
  • Max Hourly Emails: By default, this is unlimited. Our shared servers have a limit of 1000 per hour to avoid abuse or spamming.
  • BoxTrapper spam trap: This can help prevent spam, but consumes a lot of memory. We recommend disabling it.
  • Mailman mailing lists: It's easier on the server to use a program like PHPList (installable through Softaculous). We recommend disabling this.
  • Webmail clients: By default three mail clients are running. Use just one for better performance - we recommend RoundCube.


  • Many of the notifications are off by default, but if they've been enabled be aware that they will consume much more memory than normal.


  • Max Execution Time: The default is 90 seconds, but this could be dropped lower if certain scripts are overconsuming resources.
  • PHP Max Upload Size: The default is 50 megabytes or MB, but this can be reduced to prevent large files from overloading the server during upload.

Stats and Logs

  • Log rotation size threshold: 300MB is the default, but this can be reduced so that log files do not get too big before they rotate out.


  • Conserve Memory: Off by default, this can be enabled but will cost CPU and I/O to free up more memory.
  • Max HTTP Submission Size: This can limit the size of uploads over HTTP to prevent large files from attempting to upload.
  • Max cPanel Process Memory: The default is the minimum, but if you notice this above it's best to reduce it. WHM and cPanel processes can take up a lot of memory if you let them.

Main >> Service Configuration >> Exim Configuration Editor

Use this to modify some of the mail server settings.

  • Mainly this is used to disable SpamAssassin if you do not need it active.

Main >> Service Configuration >> Mailserver Configuration

  • Mail takes up a lot of memory as it runs to and from your account. It can be a good thing to limit the number of open processes so you don't get flooded with too many connections.

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