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How To Use The VPS Branding Tab In Site Manager

The VPS Branding tab displays a list of elements that can be replaced in the end-user account interface. Such modification enables you to customize your accounts Site Manager with your organization's logo, colors, etc.

It allows resellers to brand their client's� Site Manager. VPS branding is done per service package: An account with a specific service package can have a different look and feel than accounts that are assigned to other service packages. Branding can be copied from one service package to another.

Initially, you must select the service package. Select one of the following options:

  • Edit the service package Branding files: Modify the files that define the display of accounts' Site Manager.

  • Copy service package branding to other service packages: Copy the branding definitions of this service package to other service packages.   



Click Next.

New Customizations for WestHost 3.0

The appearance of Site Manager has changed quite a bit in WestHost 3.0, including the options you have for customizing your Site Manager.


Many of the options previously available for site manager customization have been removed. You are now only able to replace the company logo and the animated clock used on the 'Please Wait' screen.


A few things you should know:

  • You cannot copy customizations for a WestHost 2.0 service package to a WestHost 3.0 service package.
  • The dimensions and placement of the 'Company Logo' have changed. It is now located in the upper right-hand corner of the Site Manager. The dimensions are 185x75 pixels. The logo is surrounded by white:

  • The dimensions for the animated clock are 48x48 pixels.

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