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How To Use The Generate Reports Tab In Site Manager

Report Format: Select to generate the report in HTML or CSV format. Reports in CSV format can be easily exported to spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft� Excel�.

Generate the following reports instantly:

Reseller Reports

  • Service Packages Report: Report provides service package utilization data (Number of accounts per service package).

  • Account Types Report: The report provides the distribution of accounts between different account types (IP or Name-based accounts) or operating systems.

  • Site Applications Report: The report provides data on several Site Applications that are installed in accounts. This data is gathered once a day.

Account Reports

  • Account Report: The report provides details of all accounts in the system.

  • Daily Bandwidth Usage of Accounts: The Report provides the daily bandwidth usage of accounts.

  • Accounts Creation/Removal: The report provides information on accounts creation/removal for a specified time frame.

Operational Reports

  • Account Alerts: The report provides information on all alerts for accounts that have alerts.

  • Accounts Resource Usage: The report provides information on accounts resource usage for a specified time frame.

  • Service Resource Usage: Report provides information on account resource usage per service (HTTP/POP/SMTP/FTP) for a specified time frame.


To generate a report, select the type of report and click the Generate button. Note that time frame reports require you to enter the start and end date of the report.

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