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How To Use The Edit Accounts Tab In Site Manager

Modify account properties via the following fields:

  • Domain: This field enables you to modify domain name of account. Note that a number of Site Applications may not function properly after such a change.

  • Enabled: Select checkbox to enable services of account  (HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, etc.).

  • Change Password: Select checkbox to change password of account.

  • Service Package: Select service package for account from drop down menu. You must also select the checkbox in order to apply it to account.
    Note: You must select the checkbox Apply Service Package and Add/Remove Add-On(s) to apply service package properties for this account.

  • Service plan name for the client: Account's service plan. This is the advertised service plan name that is known to client(s).

  • Notes: Enter special comments regarding this account (This field can be left blank).

  • Parent: This field enables you to modify name of owner that administrates this account. If you would like to transfer this account for another owner, then enter its login name.

Click Next.


The password tab shall appear only if you have selected the Change Password checkbox.


This tab is applicable only if you have selected the Apply service package checkbox in the previous tab.
Once you have added or removed an Add-On ,you must select the checkbox �Apply service package�. Otherwise, you will not be able to see the Add-Ons screen. Once you have selected this checkbox.

  • Add/remove Add-Ons to account. Note that you can add the same Add-On more than once to the same account.

  • To add Add-Ons:

    • Select the Add-On you want to add from the Available Add-Ons window and click the  button.

  • To remove Add-Ons:

    • Select the Add-Ons you want to remove from the Add-Ons window and click the  button.


  • The change will be applied and the system will recalculate the quotas of the basic service package and all the currently connected Add-Ons.


  • In the next tab you will be prompted to enter the account's contact details. Note that the e-mail Address field cannot be left blank, and a legal e-mail address of account owner must be entered so that the account owner will receive e-mail alerts from Server Manager.

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