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How To Use Site Applications For Service Package

Site Applications are software components that are installed to give the account additional functionality. Some Site Applications can only be installed once. For example, FrontPage� extensions. Other Site Applications can be installed more than once (several instances of the same Site Application). For example, Apache error messages.

  • The table displays the Site Applications that you selected to display.

    • Enabled :  Selecting this checkbox enables the VPS owner to have the option of installing this Site Application.

    • Preinstalled: Selecting this checkbox provides the Site Application preinstalled with default values on all VPSs of this service package.

    • Uninstall not availableSelecting this checkbox disables the VPS owner to have the option of removing this Site Application.

    • Site Application Name: Name of software component.

    • Category: Category of Site Application.

    • Dependency: Some Site Applications require prerequisite(s): Other Site Applications must be installed before installation of this Site Application. A list of dependencies is displayed in this column.

    • Max Instances.: Maximum number of instances for Site Application. To enter a specific number, select Other and then enter the number. Select the Unlimited checkbox to enable an unlimited number of instances for this Site Application. Note that this is applicable only for Site Applications that have such an option.

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