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How To Use FrontPage Extensions

FrontPage Extensions allows you to use Microsoft FrontPage to create your Websites with all of the extra features that they provide as part of the program. If you use FrontPage, you will want to install FrontPage Extensions to take full advantage of all the features it has to offer.

Installing FrontPage Extensions

For installation instructions, please click here.

Using FrontPage Extensions

Getting Started

To publish your website to our servers, you will need to use the following information:

  • Publish destination:
  • Username: yourdomain
  • Password: your password

You will need to replace the above text with your own FrontPage account information.

Publishing Your Web

  1. After you have created your Web and are ready for the pages to go "live," you will then need to publish the Web using the Front Page publish feature.
  2. Go to File > Publish Web. The Publish Destination dialog box will open.
  3. You will then be asked to specify the Publish Destination. You must use the full URL and NOT
  4. Click OK.
  5. Specify the pages you want to publish.
    1. In the Publish Web dialog box, click Options in the lower left corner.
    2. Click the Publish tab and do one or more of the following:
      1. Under Publish, specify whether you want to publish only pages that have changed or all pages.
      2. Under Changes, specify how you want FrontPage to determine which pages have been changed.
      3. If you want to create a log file for changes made during publishing, select that check box.
    3. Click OK.
  6. To publish subwebs, select the Include subwebs check box.
  7. Click on the Publish button at the bottom of the window.

 If you cancel publishing in the middle of the operation, files that have already been published remain on the destination web server.


If you are having any problems uploading, copying, or opening your website, or with the non-FrontPage portion of your site, please be sure to note the following:

Never use FTP or SSH in those directories where you are using FrontPage. FrontPage will not see anything you manually upload, and any configurations you alter could cause big problems with your FrontPage extensions. You can also safely FTP to a subdirectory within your www directory, BUT you must create a subdirectory using your FTP program. This will not work if you create the sub-directory using FrontPage. For information on how to use FrontPage, see the online help that comes with FrontPage. Microsoft also has newsgroups and FAQs devoted to FrontPage where you might find answers to your questions.

Common Problems with FrontPage

  • Server timing out when publishing large sites.
    This difficulty arises when the uploading link times out in the process of copying the web to our server. The only suggestion Microsoft has offered so far is to break the main web into a group of subwebs on your PC, and then upload these individually. If this problem persists for you, please contact support.
  • Getting Error - Front Page Extensions Not Installed
    We often see this error being reported even when the extensions have been installed. If you get this error, first verify the extensions are installed on your account.
    1. Log in to your site manager.
    2. Click on Site Applications > Development.
    3. If the extensions are not installed, install them and then try again. If the extensions are installed and you still cannot connect, contact technical support.
  • Getting Error - Could not write to file... or Could not close file...
    This is caused by not having any space left on your account. You will need to remove some files or upgrade your account.

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