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How To Use File Manager In cPanel

This article is for cPanel Accounts. Determine where your account is with this guide.

Another method for managing files on your account is the cPanel File Manager tool available in your browser. This allows you to download, upload, or modify files regarding your hosting package directly from a browser like Firefox. You can upload, create or delete files, organize files into folders, and change file permissions.

This tool is not incredibly sophisticated and may not function as a replacement for a more advanced FTP client, but all basic functionality to manage a simple website is available.

You can access the File Manager by logging into cPanel and clicking on the "File Manager" button.


When you click on the File Manager icon you'll need to set a few options such as the folder you would like to open, whether or not to display hidden files [like .htaccess files], and setting the configuration you have as default to avoid this little screen in the future.


The steps to upload files in File Manager are:

  1. Navigate to the folder where you want to upload files publichtmlfolderlisting.png
  2. Click on the Upload icon uploadicon.jpg
  3. Click on the Browser button next to one of the top fields uploadbrowse.jpg
  4. Search for and double-click on the first file you would like to upload -- the upload will start automatically
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each file you wish to upload.
  6. Click on the "Overwrite Existing Files" box if you want to replace existing files in your web folder with new ones of the same name.

You can download files from the server to your personal computer via the File Manager's "Download" option.


You can copy and move files between the account's folders through the "Copy and Move File" functions. You can also use "Rename" and "Delete" to modify existing files in a directory.


Here is a video File Manager tutorial created by cPanel:

Remember that the public_html directory is where you should upload your files if you want them to appear online for your Primary Domain name.

If you have Addon Domains set up in cPanel, you can see which directory to use in cPanel >> Addon Domains, and they will be listed at the bottom of the page.

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