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How To Use Dynamic Spam Rejection With RBLs

RBLs (Real-Time Blackhole Lists) allow your VPS to reject incoming e-mail from computers that have a recent history of sending spam.

Installing Dynamic Spam Rejection with RBLs

For installation instructions, please click here.

Using Dynamic Spam Rejection with RBLs

Sendmail is responsible for sending and receiving e-mails in your VPS account via the SMTP protocol. Sendmail can be configured to use RBLs (Real-time Blackhole Lists) to reject e-mails from computers to have a history of sending spam.

What is an RBL?

An RBL is a type of DNSBL (Domain Name System Blacklist) that contains IP addresses that have a history of sending spam. The administrators of these lists use various criteria to determine whether or not an IP address should be included in their list. For example, if a computer has been verified as having recently sent spam e-mail then its IP address will be included, or if a computer has a vulnerability that can be exploited to send spam then its IP address may be included.

How do RBLs work?

During the process of accepting an incoming e-mail, your mail server will take the IP address of the computer sending you the e-mail and see if that IP address is listed in an RBL. If the IP address has been listed then your mail server will not accept the incoming e-mail. Otherwise, the e-mail will be accepted. If you have our SpamAssassin site application installed then the e-mail will be scanned to see if it is spam before it is delivered to your inbox.

You can find more information about RBLs at

Configuring Dynamic Spam Rejection with RBLs

When you install this site application you will be able to choose which RBLs you would like your mail server to use. You will be able to click on the help icon next to each server to get a brief description of each RBL server. If you are unsure of which RBLs you should use we suggest using the default options that we have provided.

If you wish to change these settings after you have installed the site application, click the edit icon (  ) next to Dynamic Spam Rejection with RBLs under the E-mail section of your Site Applications. You can then modify and save your settings.

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