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How To Use Configuration Tools

Use the Configuration pages to configure various settings, such as alerts, users, or networks, etc.

Alerts: Add, edit, or remove alert destinations
Date and Time: Configure Date and Time Settings
LDAP: Check the box below to enable LDAP authentication and enter the required information to access the LDAP server. Press the Save button to save your changes.
Active Directory: Configure settings to authenticate and access the Active Directory server
RADIUS: Configure settings to authenticate and access the RADIUS server.
Mouse mode: Configure the mouse mode for the remote console
Network: See the MAC address or change network settings, including dynamic and static IP assignment
Dynamic DNS: Configure dynamic update properties for Dynamic DNS
Remote Session: Configure Remote session settings for virtual media
SMTP: Configure the SMTP email server
SSL Certificate: The dates for the default certificate and private key are shown below. To upload a new SSL certificate, use the Browse button to navigate to the certificate and press the Upload button.
Users: Add, edit, or remove users

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