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How To Upgrade Email Storage

This article will take you through the steps of upgrading your email storage or adding email addresses to your WestHost hosting account.

Step One: Navigate to the Email Section of CHI

  1. Login to your hosting account at

  2. Click on the Domains tab.

  1. Click on the domain for which you want to upgrade your email.

  2. Navigate to the email tab from the menu at the top of the screen.


Step 2: Choose a plan to upgrade

  1. Select a plan from the “Upgrade to” menu.

On this page, you will see how many email accounts or forwarders are associated with your account. Scroll down to view the update options.

WestHost offers a variety of plans for you to chose from. Here are a few criteria you may want to consider before selecting your plan.

Number of email accounts: This option will determine how many accounts you can create for your domain

Term: The length of the contract

Size: WestHost offers two different options for the size of your mailbox: 2GB and 10GB. If you plan on storing a lot of data on the email server, you may want to consider a larger mailbox size.

Email Forwarder vs. Email Account: An Email account comes with its inbox, which can be organized and store data. Email Forwarders only redirect email to another inbox.

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