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How To Setup A POP3 Email Account In Outlook

Outlook is part of Microsoft suite and can be used with the email associated with your WestHost website’s email address. This article will help you set up an email account to view your email account with Outlook.

Step 1: Create An Email Account In CHI

  1. Log into your CHI control panel by going to

  2. Sign in with your WestHost email and password.

  3. Click on the “Domains” tab, as seen in the image below.

     4. Click on the domain that you would like to create an email account in Outlook for.

     5. Click the “Add A New Email” button.

     6. Create a username and password . Be sure to make note of the username and password you choose as you will need them later in this process.

Step 2: Add Your Email Account In Outlook

  1. Open the Outlook application.

  2. Open the “File” tab.

  3. Click “Add Account”

  4. Select “Manually configure server settings or additional server types” found at the bottom of your screen.

  5. On the following screen, select “Internet E-mail” and click “Next”.

  6. On the next screen enter the necessary personal information into the spaces provided:

    1. Your Name: First and last name

    2. E-Mail Address: The email address you created in step 1

    3. Account Type: POP3

    4. Incoming mail server:

    5. Outgoing mail server:

    6. Username: The full email including @yourwebsite

    7. Password: The password you created in CHI

  7. Click the “More Settings” button.

  8. Navigate to the “Outgoing Server” tab. Check the box next to “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”.

  9. Navigate to the “Advanced” tab. Set “Incoming Server” to 110 and “Outgoing Server” to 587.

  10. Tick the box titled “Leave a copy of the message on the server”.

  11. Click “OK”.

  12. Click “Next”.

  13. Finally, click “Finish”.

Outlook will run a few tests and then will create your new Outlook account. You will then be directed to your new inbox for your WestHost email.

If you have any questions or need more help with this task, feel free to contact the WestHost technical support staff by opening a chat or by creating a ticket within your CHI account.

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